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Advertising machine in the third and fourth tier cities how to promote
2020-06-02 09:50:58



Now the use of advertising can be described as a wide range of airports, subways, buildings, supermarkets and other advertisers all pervasive, so to speak, many places there are advertising machine presence. We know that one or two or even some third-tier cities are very mature LCD advertising machine business, mostly in the large flow of shopping malls, office buildings, these places out of the large flow of people, there will often wait for the elevator, and others, these leisure time, Appreciate the ads at this time is a good way to get rid of the time boredom. This time to spell one or two cities may be very competitive, then we look at the three or four cities is like?

Third and fourth tier cities are generally economically underdeveloped cities and counties, and these cities are not densely populated, the city may have four or five mature developed business district, and the general county can have 1 or 2 concentrated Mature business district. Large shopping malls will not be much, then there will be little chance of focus on delivery, if not in the right place to put the dealer will certainly not spend or spend the normal advertising costs.

So where do we promote the advertising business?

1, shopping malls, office: Although the third and fourth tier cities will not be too many office space, but as long as there is often means that the concentration of people, high frequency of exposure, so this part of the market Needless to say, is certainly the preferred location;

2, hotels, tourist attractions: Although the flow of people in these places will not be too much, but the user-oriented high-end, is an advertising provider for a good choice. And these businesses have their own money, the price is not sensitive to the advertising machine choose advertising machine used to enhance the quality of their products, businesses are happy.

3, store: store opened what nature, if it is building materials, household goods stores (generally the county may be more for the market) can be installed in the indoor elevators, toilets, rest. Do not consider such stores supermarkets, are hurry to come to the crowd, at most in some brands or high-end product areas can be set up, but here more than the supermarkets or manufacturers to set up their own.
4, the hospital: large flow of people, and more leisure time, but the contents of ads to the medical-based, for the selection of advertising distributors is very important

5, the station: This does not go into the application areas of advertising In fact, the rapid development of third and fourth tier cities, all kinds of products and facilities to the first and second tier cities by Qi, unlimited potential for future development, advertising market Great.

On the purchase of advertising machine issues

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