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If it is the same price, buy a good vertical advertising machine or a good wall advertising it?
2020-06-02 09:49:57



From the publicity results, vertical advertising and wall-mounted advertising which will be more eye-catching, more attractive?

    From the installation of the ease of presentation, the vertical advertising and wall-mounted advertising which is more convenient and flexible?
    When we buy any kind of product, we will consider the price, performance, etc. In a nutshell, we will consider the price / performance ratio. Of course, we would like to buy both cheap and handy products. Below to speed technology for everyone to introduce the characteristics of these two advertising machine, I hope everyone to buy advertising machine generated by the various questions, to be helpful.
    First, whether it is vertical or wall-mounted, the price is based on performance configuration, the size of the reference standard;
    Second, vertical advertising machine placed more casual position, elegant style, it is eye-catching, the product is suitable for banking, finance, hotels, chain stores and other industries, the image of the display business information, interpretation of the brand culture.
    Third, the wall advertising machine to save space, you can hang on the wall or other objects, as a unique decorative landscape space, more easily capture the customer's eye, to achieve the purpose of publicity. Wall advertising is mainly used in the "window wizard" release, can be hung in the shopping malls, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, high-grade office buildings and other places, can enhance the brand image of all-round, quick release of promotional information, new alerts, the first time for users to pass Most concerned about business information.
    As the saying goes, one hundred heard better, if you have the best time to come to visit the factory under the vertical and wall advertising machine, close feeling, personal experience, choose your favorite style.

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